Aware ES (Edge Server) is the bridge between your company network and the Internet that ensures highly available, optimized and secure access in either direction.

Provides Firewall protection to your company's internal network from external threats such as hackers, viruses, etc.

Optimizes bandwidth by caching websites that are frequently accessed by company employees

Prevents unauthorized Internet access by authenticating and recording access by employees

Allows blocking access to specific websites of your choice

Enables authorized company personnel to securely access the company network from outside the company (VPN).

Allows upto two Internet connections to balance the load and provide for seamless failover

Aware FS (File Server) is an end-to-end file server solution that delivers high performance, highly available file services to users on the company network.

Centralized file repository for the company's files

Department-wise User-Access-Control for files

Ability to go back to an older version of the files (File Versioning)

Collaboration between employees via Calendar, private Chat server, Company Wiki and Blog.

Easy backup of the entire repository

Upto 4TB storage

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